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Hi my name is Lily. I am a pureblood. Im 5'4, 15 years old (turning 16 in September, which im so hyped for),  I have brown hair and blue and green eyes. People say im a cold person and that I give a look that could kill soemone. Well, I like to go be and feed the Thestrals. I come from a Slytherin family. We're all purebloods. It's only me and my dad now. I hope to be on the quidditch team

You're probably wondering on how I can see Thestrals, right? My bestfriend who was the same age as me got killed by a strange person when we were walking one day in the forest. We loved to go into the forest and go looking for animals. We were out later then usual because we wanted so see if we can find a Unicorn but, instead we found the strange person. They was speaking to us and we were scared. We turn and ran, he was throwing spells and killing curses at us. She fell, I tried to go back to help her but the person but the persons spell got to her before I could. 

I let out a bloodcurdling scream, I fell to my knees. I then saw a spell go over my head and hit the person. I turned around to see it was my dad with his wand pointing at the man. The man feel to his hands and knees. My dad never took his eyes off the man before the like vansihed in thin air. That day I lost my childhood bestfriend. That's the day I turned into a cold person.

I lost my mom when I was being born. My dad always tells me how I do things unknowingly like my mom did. Like writing I will always wiggle my pen in my fingers and chew in my lip while im thinking, just like mom. He says I look like her. I have her eyes and lips. And he says I have thr stubborness and attitude of her. I laugh to myself sometimes to think on if my dad would've been able to handle a mini her and her. Ive always have been dads little girl.


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