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Backstory: When I received my hogwarts letter my family was so proud.My Father however put a lot of stress on me, seeming he was a Gryffindor and an A+ student but I still love him. When I got sorted into Slytherin I couldn’t be happier. I am extremely popular among Slytherin and Gryffindor.my Mum although disappointed congratulated me, while my dad was happy for me all the same.I became friends with the Golden trio because my Godbrother is Harry Potter and when I found them sneaking away the get the Philosopher’s Stone, I am now a permanent addition to the group. How me and Draco got together.I hadn’t told anyone but me and Draco had been meeting in secret because rather embarrassingly I had been having trouble in Potions and Snape had strictly said I was to study with Draco to the displeasure of both of us couldn’t leave because my dad expected a perfect score so I shouldered on.The first few lessons were horrible ,we would insult each other we fought and overall learnt nothing new.But then it got better slowly, we wouldn’t say anything bad about each other and our potions results were getting better.Then we were talking, bonding and suddenly we found we enjoyed each others company.Our tutoring lessons became more and more frequent until one day.I had made Draco a gift to thank him for his help and when he opened it he loved it.It was a snake decoration for his broom It wrapped around the front “I saw it and thought of you” I said He smirked at me and before I knew it he placed a kiss on my lips “Thanks Love” he said.From then on we would hug,kiss and be together in public.We didn’t put a title on our relationship but we knew that we were more than just enemies or friends but my family.I arrived at Hogwarts, expecting to be in Gryffindor like my twin sister Ginny, who was sorted before you. However, when I got Slytherin the hall fell silent as this was the most unusual moment... When my Best Friend was possessed you were there to confirm her as she confided everything in you. Second Year- When my twin was possessed you were there to confirm her as she confided everything in you I had a un-normal year and I hated the Dementors. Third year- You are so sad that you can't go to the Yule Ball, so when Draco asked me, I said yes, because you really wanted to go. Fourth Year-I joined the DA as you hate Umbridge more than even Harry probably does. You feel so annoyed and you go to the Ministry. Fifth year- You were almost expelled from Hogwarts because you almost murdered Snape. Well you didn't but that was what he said. Your dad believed you and told you that she didn't trust Snape either. Your Dad got your OWL'S from Dumbledore and a Ministry official overviewed it. You did very well and got O's and E's across the board. After Hogwarts- You went to stay with Fred and George and helped them run their shop. You also helped in the battle of Hogwarts.I was distraught when Fred died and wouldn't stop crying for the rest of the day. I stayed Fred-less for the rest of your life.

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