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Voldemort created me through dark magic. After he was almost killed by Harry Potter, he decided to have a 'daughter' who would obey him, complete his plans, be his replacement and continue his legacy, because he was not sure if he was going to survive. I was ment to be the new Dark Lord. He gave me his powers, I became more powerful, and more dangerous than himself. But his plans failed, because I somehow developed my own mind, my own way of thinking, as a human, instead of his puppet. I was too dangerous and a thread to him now. So he gave me to Hardov and Amanda Rodren, who was a Death Eater and his wife. They raised me. Hardov was an abusive person with me and Amanda. In the other hand, Amanda was the sweetest mom ever. She was not my real mom but she was the closest to a mother who loved me and I loved so much that I have ever been. I loved her way too much. When I was about to turn 7 years old, my mother, Amanda, was killed by Voldemort and Hardrov, just because I had too much love towards her. I stayed with Hardrov, he never stoped hating me, he treated me like trash and like his maid . I then runaway and a sweet couple in the wizarding world found me, Marla and Jacob Sweethen, and took me to their home, since I was homeless. I lived there for a little less than a month. Then they found out that they wanted me at Hogwarts, Dumbledore told Marla who I was, You-Know-Who's daughter, and that I am very powerful and dangerous, since I was meant to follow the Dark Lord's orders. He told her that they needed to teach me at Hogwarts, so I would never be what Voldemort wanted me to be. So they sent me to Hogwarts.

I was sorted into Slytherin House. I was a hatstall. My favorite classes are Charms, Potions and Defense Against The Drak Arts. I am a pureblood. I have a ginger cat named Penny, she is really sweet and love cuddles. Although my family had a pureblood supremicy point of view and thought that muggles were trash, I think that muggles are not our equals, we are different, but they have to be treated with respect, same with other types of bloods. I am clever, ambitious, powerful, kind at heart but also tough, strong independent woman, funny, open-minded, with big imagination and love for arts. After school, i'm interested in the Curse-Breaker occupation, and also would like to an entertainer (since i love arts like acting and making music).
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