Elizabeth Cassander


INFP, Proud Ravenclaw, bookworm, cat-lover and a girl trying to find a place in this world.

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BACKSTORY (for role-playing purposes)

       I live in a Muggle family in London, the busy city of England. My dad is French and he is an architect. My mum is British and she is a housewife. I also had an elder sister, she is 19 and she studies Psychology at university. When I was small, my mum often told me stories about magic (flying by brooms, fighting dragons, casting spells) and I was fascinated by it. I strongly believe in magic, and that causes people around me to call me childlike, magic-obsession, and unrealistic. I hope that I will get to see real magic one day, and it really did happen one beautiful day. My family was sitting casually on the couch and watching TV. Then, we heard a loud noise like "BUM!". We figured out that it was an owl! The owl gave me a letter that said I've been accepted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was like "What? What is that school? A school for wizards and witches? AND I'M A WITCH?" I believe in magic, but it came all a sudden and for a girl who grew up in the Muggle world, without magic, I found it hard to believe. 15 minutes later, a tall and blonde woman came to my house, said that she is Cassandra Virneburg, the Charms Professor at Hogwarts. She then explained to us everything, that magic really exists; I'm a witch and I have magical talents; I will study at Hogwarts for 7 years to learn how to control and use my magic; there is the wizarding world and I belong to that world, I can have a career there,...She even did some magic and cast some spells to prove that she ain't tricking us, that she's a real witch. I was surprised of course, but when I figured out that it is definitely not a dream, it is in real life, I was really happy. It took my parents quite some time to take all of it in, believe it and accept me to go to Hogwarts. My Dad doesn't believe in anything magical, and my mum, even though she told me a lot of magical stories when I was a little kid, she couldn't believe that it is true and it is happening. Thank God that they finally believe it and accept me to go. The next day, Professor Virneburg took my family to Diagon Alley to buy the textbooks, school supplies, and equipments. We had witnessed all of the magic there, it was amazing. I can see my sister is a little bit jealous, but she was happy for me. I got my first wand and learned all the textbooks before the school year starts. Now I can cast spells, too! I'm so happy that I can live in the world I used to dream about.


Name: Elizabeth Melody Cassander

Age: 11, first-year (age in real life is 13)

Sexual: Female

Birthday: November 4th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Country: Scotland

House: Ravenclaw

Blood Status: Muggle-born

Wand: Ashwood with dragon heartstring core, 11 2/3, hard flexibility

Patronus: Swift

Pets: 3 cats named Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin :) and also a snowy owl named Ricky Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, listening to music, watching Muggles movies and series, baking

Appearance: Tall and skinny, a brunette and has dark brown eyes.

Characteristics: Introverted, a private person but friendly and pretty talkative, perfectionist, dreamy, imaginative, creative, curious, empathetic, emotional, sensitive, hopeless romantic, stubborn, ambitious, humble. Love nature. Can be generous but can also be selfish sometimes. Lazy, inactive, impractical, not honest, disloyal.

Dream job: singer/songwriter

Favorite color: blue Favorite subject: Charms, Transfiguration and DADA

Favorite food: Literally everything

Favorite drink: everything Favorite sweets: Sugar Quills/Liquorice Wands

Favorite Diagon Alley shop: Flourish and Blotts

Favorite Hogsmeade shop: Madam Puddifoot's tea shop. Honeydukes

Favorite HP characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Tom Riddle

Favorite magical creatures: Niffler, Kitten Kneazles, Unicorn, Phoenix, and Pygmy Puff

Favorite Deathy Hallow: The Elder Wand.

Quidditch team: Holyhead Harpies

Grade (will update at the end of the school year)

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