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My name is Heroine Jae-Rishava Caster-Malfoy Lupin and I am Harry James Potter's girlfriend. I've liked him since I was 5 years old and we started dating when we were both 12 and were official since last year. I have a pet bunny named Shaller Fluffy Harry Oreo Malfoy Lupin Potter because of the fact he is practically my son, he is given all these last names (Malfoy because of my family, Lupin because of my God family and Potter because if the fact that one day I'll be married to Harry)! Making all of the girls in the group his aunt's, all their boyfriends his uncles and Harry is his dad!!! I am also Draco's sister since my parents are dead. Kenton Caster was my dad, you probably know that the casters made the first ever spell happen and they are purebloods. My mom was Jacee Freya, the Freyas were known as the halfblood family of their time. I am a pureblood, yes, it's weird but yes... that's precisely why my parents died. The Crouch family set them up and killed them. I was 1 week away from my 1st birthday. My godfather was Remus Lupin and he had his own kids with Nymphadora Tonks: Harmony Lupin and Teddy Lupin my God siblings. I am a Slytherdor mostly Gryffindor... I have a little sister named Ruby Malfoy. She's Dracos sister so now she's mine aswell. We found a 2% Malfoy/Black D.N.A. in me so I'm officially a Malfoy. My favorite class is D.A.D.A. because Remus teaches it and because it's one if the most important in my opinion... I'm in my third year and I'm turning 13 this year. My bestfriend is Hermione Jean Granger. Draco acts very soft around me because I'm his only safe spot apparently... I find it cute. Jennifer Lopez William is Draco's girlfriend and she's part of my friend group: me, Hermione, Harmony, Luna, Ginny, Jennifer! We all have boyfriends and they are a group aswell: Harry, Ron, Neville, Blaise and Draco! Yes, it can be awkward with Ginny sometimes because shes Harry's ex-girlfriend, but we try and ignore it most of the time!! Sometimes things get out of hand but most of the time it's nice and chill between us! I was diagnosed with Hyperlexia at the early age of 1 years old and 4 days and I was diagnosed with Savant Syndrome when I was 2 years and 2 months old. I love the night time sky or just the night in general making me a nyctophilian and a selenophilian. I also love music and animals, although I'm scared of chickens... either way, I'm a sun Libra, a moon Capricorn and a rising/star Virgo. I'm a top student here, at hogwarts. In fact, I share 1st place with Hermione and were both honoured!!! Anyways, I hope this enough for you to understand who I am!

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