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Er, hello! I'm Eld, nice to meet you. If you want to meet up, I'll probably be in the library reading mythology. Have a nice day and take care!

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Being a son of Ulv and Efvamari Prince, Eld had powers in more ways than just magical. Ulv, being a great potioneer and a strong symbol in the North, put high expectations on his only son. He wanted him to become a symbol himself, a strong man with a great voice. But Eldin wasn't that man, he could never be that man.
Efvamari often told him that he in some ways resembeled Severus, the warrior and earlier potions professor, because of his lacking social skills. Being related to him, even if it was so far away, she might not be too wrong. His family was known for being overly social, after all. And that did not really resemble him.
He loved books from an early age and seemed to almost drink information. It made other peers laugh at him and teachers to sigh, as he was too far ahead. But for Eld, it was a way to cope with life. Coming to Hogwarts was a great experience for him, because suddenly there where others like him. Others that seemed more cartoon than real, others that loved the smell of new books and others that knew what he meant.

He might not be the best at talking, but he was still a great friend to those who came close enough. This made him popular in his own way, as people seemed to realise that he might not be too bad after all. But for Eld, it didn't matter if he had "real friends" or not. The only one that he deeply cared about, was his older owl, Otieno. But maybe, just maybe, that would change after coming here.

- Holly wood with dragon heartstring core, 12 3/4", slightly springy flexibility

- Irish wolfhound
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