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Hello! My name is Kitten, Kitten Vasquez, you can call me Kitten or Kitty for short, if you like. I got sorted into Hufflepuff, I like to think it’s because of the enduring loyalty I have towards the people who are most precious to me. The sorting hats decision was quite quick to be fair. The classes I loved the most were Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology and the least I liked was potions. Hardest class ever ugh! Surprisingly enough Transfiguration was a class I did well that I didn’t think I would like, I learned to eventually love it. I’m a pureblood witch, both parents graduating from the magical school. Dad was a Ravenclaw and Mom was a Griffindor. Even though being pureblood definitely has its privileges, I truly believe all witches and wizards deserve a place in the school and should be respected as such. My greatest strength has to be my wits, my smarts and my guts to keep pushing forward. Im not particularly great and amazing and crazy magic spells but I definitely can handle myself. I never really thought about my dreams or ambitions after school. Who knows maybe I’ll end up being a teacher one day. The most fascinating thing about magic has to be its bountiful amount of knowledge and spells that one can cast for just about anything and everything. I only use my magic to help others and of course to defend myself and those around me. One of the most things precious to me is my black cat, Asnett. She’s super playful and warms up to people quickly. She has a way of sending the good or bad in people. I would say she’s magical herself, I honestly think she was a witch in her past life. Both my parents work for the Ministry of Magic as Aurors.
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