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The Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor. It took it sometime to decide (it considered putting me in slytherin too) but not that much so I would be a hatstall. My favourite classes are potions and defence against the dark arts, and those I like the least are history of magic and divination. I also like transfiguration but I'm not very good at it... I'm a pure blood and so, most of the children at Hogwarts believe that I hate muggleborns or something. But I really have nothing against them. I was there when the dark lord rose to power for the second time. It was awful, everyone was scared and, after Dumbledore's death, hogwarts had became a nightmare. I'm happy that Harry Potter won him... I think that my greatest strength is my loyalty to my friends. But that is also my greatest weakness. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my friends, so they will be safe. When I finish school, I want to become an auror. I also think of the healer's job though. I want to use magic to help others but at the same time, I want to use it to further my own ends. That's probably why the Sorting hat considered putting me in Slytherin. I really like animals and magical creatures, I have a cat, a bowtruckle and a thestral. Yes, you read right, I own a thestral. I found him when he was little, and he was all alone. He was probably lost. So I took him and now he is my friend. His name is Rabi which in Arabic means gentle wind. My cat's name is Nashira. Nashira is a star, but in Arabic means the bearer of good news. The bowtruckle's name is Artemis

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