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Tracey is the youngest girl in the family. She is a pure-blood and was born in Whitehaven, England. She has short brown curly hair and brown eyes. Her interests were in Herbology, and because her parents were also very knowledgeable about it, they gave her a book to read. Tracey started to gain more knowledge about the plants. Her parents were impressed by her. They had never seen someone become good at a subject that quickly, at her age.


Tracey's family is very kind and just as smart as Tracey. Her family is all pure-blood, and they try to stay away from Muggles, because they think their technology is not safe to use. Her family is rich, but they try their best not to buy everything. Tracey's father works at the Ministry of Magic, while her mother stays at home taking care of Tracey. Sometimes Tracey is shy when meeting new people.


Tracey loves adventures, and loves to discover new places. She is a very competitive person. She is very kind, just like her parents, and has fun when she helps people. Tracey fears heights and hates being alone and in dark places.


Her parents knew her magical abilities when she was only 8 years old, after her parents got her more Herbology books, her bookshelf started to get filled, and she wanted to give these books away, but her parents didn't allow her, so they don't get noticed that they are wizards. Tracey got angry and went to her room, she stared at the books angrily trying to think of a way to get rid of them, when she kept staring, one by one the books started disappearing, Tracey got surprised and told her parents, they were happy that her daughter was magic just like them.

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