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I'm Olivia I'm going through a really hard time, if you really want to know, OWL me. Credits go to Cinna, Aesha, and, Lia I *suffer* from OCD and ASPD

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Name • Olivia Jaidyn Belle Lavigne Hammond
Age • 12
Origin • Russia
Languages • English, Russia, German, French
House • Ravenclaw
Hybrid House • Slytherclaw
District • 11
Hybrid District • 2 & 11
Faction • Amity
Hybrid Faction • Amity and Dauntless
Biological Family • David Lavigne (Father, passed), Belle Hammond (Mother, passed) Devyn Lavigne Hammond (Sister)
Half/Step Family • Lara Lavigne (Nèe Codin, Step-mother), Eli Lavigne (Half brother, passed), Jason Lavigne (Half brother, passed)

Olivia (Olive) was born April 27th 2009, to Belle and David Lavigne, she had an older sister named Devinia (Devin, or Dev) who was exactly 4 years older than her. When she was born complications occurred, and her mother was losing too much blood, the doctors said it was because Olivia was too tiny, and the wound was too big. The loss of blood gave her blood poisoning, and she died, three hours after Olivia was born. Her father was devastated, but then 3 years later married a woman named Lara Codin. As Olivia grew up, she was teased, for two things; being so short and skinny, and then for "killing" her mother. Lara hated Olivia, she thought her a pesky child. When Olivia was 5 she was taught English (She always spoke Russian). Lara, and Devin knew no Russian but Olivia and David did. Lara would yell at her David after he had had a long conversation with Olivia in Russian. When she was eight something she did changed her. Lara was in the kitchen talking to one of her friends about Dev's birthday, she was hungry, so she went downstairs. When she realised that Lara was talking to a friend of hers , and listened. "Devin is truly amazing. I can't believe she is related to that pesky rat, Olivia. Her mother was probably a dirty no good just like she is, and killed herself out of shame!" Obviously Olivia was furious. "You are all those things you said about me and my mum. You deserve no life at all." Lara stared at her, then with an icy cold voice said " Be gone with you little bitch." Olivia ran out of the house, tears stinging her eyes. Later that day Lara, Daddy, and her brothers went out.edge thought it was only Lara, so she took her dad's car and drove out. Obviously Olivia can't drive. When she saw the taxi come up the road, she headed straight towards it. She says she doesn't remember exactly what happened except when she woke up in a hospital, and her furious, but heartbroken step-mum. "They are all dead." She had told Olivia. "No!" She had screamed. "NO! YOU KILLED THEM!" She screamed. She knew she had done it. She had cried for days, years. When she was 10 her stepmother left, and Devin and Olivia were sent to an orphanage, then a foster home.

<details><summary>elle and I</summary>
Elle, you are so kind, and thoughtful to me, and I am really thankful we became friends. You are so thoughtful, and you always think about other people, before yourself! Make sure to look after yourself too, though!

<details><summary>luna and I</summary>
Twilight, you are an A.B.C.D.E.F.G; Amazing, beautiful, cute, delightful, enjoyable, fantastic, and gorgeous. Your mind is the brightest of all time. No matter what you do, I will always be there for you, and if you leave H.I.H it will me a murder to so many people including me! Please dont leave! I love you!!

<details><summary>evie and I</summary>
Evieeeeeeeeeee, you are an ABC girl! Awesome, Beautiful, and Cool! You are so cool, and smart, it overloads me! If you put your mind to it you could do anything when you're older. Trust me, I know little sisters are hard, but be easy on Cam, I'm a little sister too. Dont ever forget how amazing you are, just keep shining!

<details><summary>cami and I</summary>
Cam…. What's wrong? Tell me! I am always here for you, and you mean so much. I dont know what's wrong, but I've always got your back, and I hope that it will get better, because losing you would be finding a hole in my heart (I already have 7, dont make it 8!). I love you!

<details><summary>jess and I</summary>
Jess, your brother will get better, just have hope in him. You are so strong and he is so lucky to have a sister like you (Don't let anyone tell you different).


  1. ASPD, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Doctor diagnosed June 13th 2013

  2. OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Doctor diagnosed May 19th 2018

  3. Separation Anxiety, Doctor diagnosed April 5th 2021

  4. 7 holes in my heart, all found three days after I was born.

other backgrounds
hunger games
Name • Olivia Belle Stenberg
District • Two
Skills • Knives, Herbs, tree climbing
Age • Twelve
Sex • Female
Ending • Victor, Suicide (to see her loved ones)
Sexuality • Bisexual, Asexual
Status • Single.
Family • Rose Stenberg (Mother), John Stenberg (Dead, abusive father), Amara (Dead, sister), Jack, Mack, and Zack (Triplets), Marc (Brother), Zain, Main (Twins, brothers)
She has six brothers. A group of triplets, a group of twins, and a loner. The triplets were Jack, Mack, and Zack. The twins were Zain and Main, and the "loner" was Marc. Olivia started out as a really quiet girl, who talked only to her sister, then, her sister was reaped for the First Hunger Games. Olivia had courage in her sister, but she died, she and a District 2 were left, sha had fallen in love with the District 2 girl, and killed herself. Olivia was torn down. Shattered. She took to herself, but she changed. She was murderous. Any body who touched her family- Died. Her first kill was her father. She had been coming home from a long day in the fields and she saw her father beating her mother (who was pregnant) with a stick. She pulled her pocket knife out, and stabbed him, multiple times in the back. Her District understood. She had the blood of a District 2 and District 11. People were scared. She was monstrous, a murderer. When she was 12, still the smallest, skinniest girl she was reaped. She fell in love just like her sister did with a District 12 Male. He loved her, as she did him. He did not care about her past. A District 1 male murdered her lover, his last words to her were 'Win. Not for me. For you. Do it for you.' And he was gone. She went mad. She murdered her lover's killer, and killed all but one, a District 1 Female. Olivia was killed. The District 1 girl pinned her down. "Please tell my family I love them…" she said, then stabbing the girl. Her cannon boomed and the gamemaker announced "We have our Victor! Olivia Stenberg!" Olivia smiled weakley and Yelled"Mummy, Jack, Mack, and Zack, Marc, Zain and Main! I love you! Dont forget me!" And then she gutted herself. "I'll be with the one I love. I'll see you soon.." and she was gone. She watched her family from above, and they were filled with grief at first. Her mother remarried, and had two daughters. Olivia married her lover (whose name was Sam) she had 2 girls, and she send them into the world below, to see her family. Her life had a sad ending, but a happy afterlife.

harry potter
Name • Olivia (Liv) Bella Lestrange
Age • Twelve
Sex • Female
Sexuality • Bisexual, Asexual
Status • Single.
House • Ravenclaw
Amortentia • Roses, Dirt, New Book
Patronus • Baby Bunny
Anamagius • Owl
Wand • Unicorn tail core, unicorn horn & birchwood
Family • Belle Lestrange (mother), Luna Lestrange (sister, younger) Elisabeth Lestrange (sister, older), Mathew (brother, older), Marcus Lestrange (father)
Olivia (Liv) was born in the Malfoy manor to Belle Lestrange, and Marcus Lestrange. She was the third child, with twin older siblings, Elisabeth and Mathew. Her grandmother, Bellatrix's name was passed down, since, her mother's name, Belle, and her middle name, Belle. Elisabeth was in Ravenclaw, and Mathew in Slytherin. Those were the two houses the family had always been in. Liv was sorted into Ravenclaw, and later her little sister, Luna, was sorted Slytherin. Liv's favourite classes were Transfiguration and Charms. She was excited for year 3, so she could start Muggle Studies. During Liv's first year a girl named Delphini Riddle (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's daughter) had come, and casted spells on everyone. Elisabeth and Mathew, were spelled, and they used the unforgivable curse, Crucio, on Liv. Delphini captured Liv, because she knew Liv was different. She took Liv to her house, where a boy named Albus Potter and his friend Scorpios Malfoy, Liv's cousin. She was captured and was held captive for one year, after falling in love with Albus Potter. After confessing his feelings, he snuck her out of Deph's house, and she was sent back to Hogwarts. Albus, a Slytherin fell deeply in love with her, and both have made plans to stay together, forever. Then Albus was killed. Delph got mad, came to Hogwarts, and used the unforgivable curse; Arvada Kedavra. With that, she left. Liv was terrified and never used harmful magic, and Hope's to work at a magical health clinic.

Aesha Patel
Cinnamon Salem
Nikki Tesla
Elizabeth Ives

Credit goes to these amazing people! Without them, our backstories would be as plain as corn! Follow them!

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