Chaotic neutral. I vibe the best with Hufflepuffs but surprises are very much welcome.

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I am a half blood raised as a muggle. I grew up loving books and movies and was expected to be a Ravenclaw (my mum knew all about Hogwarts). I wanted to be a Ravenclaw as well but the sorting hat knew that the reason I constantly sought knowledge was so I could be better than everyone else- not just for the sake of gaining knowledge. Despite the fact I just stated, I am not cocky nor arrogant, I am simply unafraid of people knowing my weapon of choice. (although if we're talking actual weapons, I have a preference to butterfly knives and hatchets- depending on my mood). In my first years of schooling at Hogwarts I did not stand out. That was partially because I am introverted and looked like a potato at the time but it is also because I spent those years making quieter connections and observations (a nice word for blackmail material) so that when the time comes I can make my grand entrance with naught a pimple on my face nor a nuisance by my side (most likely because they have been disposed of appropriately). I'm a nice person though, I just like messing with people occasionally.
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