Rachel Hawthorn


The only Slytherin in a family of Ravenclaws. Care of magical creatures is my favorite class. I'm always in for some Quidditch or casual conversation.

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The youngest of her family, Rachel had always been the twinkle in both her parent's eyes. Always protected by her older brothers and her loving parents, she never feared having to face anything on her own. However, this changed very quickly and unexpectedly. Her mother got diagnosed with a disease that not even the most powerful magic could cure and so fate took her away from Rachel before her time. Rachel's dad fell into such despair that she could barely recognize him anymore. Her mother had been a researcher, devoting her life to potions and alchemy, while her father was a very well-known legislator at the Ministry of Magic. Her eldest brother followed into their father's footsteps and had taken over his role as their dad no longer felt any motivation to work. Her middle brother, on the other hand, always having been more like their mother went into healing.
Rachel's family was nothing like the one she once knew. Both of her brothers were married and with kids of their own and her dad was barely ever home anymore, but she was lucky to make herself at home with her best friend's family.
Rachel's family, as loving and supportive as it was on the inside, could feel a little frivolous on the outside. With high profile parents and the diplomacy that usually implied, her house was always crowded with very rigid-looking people, diplomatic dinners and events, and bookshelves that didn't seem to end. Growing up in a family of Ravenclaws and turning out to be the only Slytherin of the bunch raised some flags when they first got the news, but it was to be expected.
Her best friend's family and house was the complete opposite. A 100% Hufflepuff household, their house was always filled with laughter, games and great food. Seeing the situation that a young girl like Rachel had just fallen into, they didn't hesitate for an instant to practically take her in. Besides, both their mothers had been best friends since they were very young and they had made a promise that, if either one of them had to go early, the other would look after their kids. So, even though they had their clear differences, both Rachel and her best friend made their way to Hogwarts and trying to make their way into the wizarding world.
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