Flora Princeton Black

Student ~ George Weasley's Girlfriend ;)

Hey! Im Flora! My absolutely gorgeous wallpaper is by -ˋˏliaˎˊ- ,My Common Room: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/dorms/

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The Sorting Hat was going to put me in Slytherin and then looked a little bit deeper into my brain and decided that I was a Gryffindor. I love all my classes! I'm a pureblood (but I tell people I'm half-blood because my father is Sirius Black). People do call me mudblood but that's because they don't like me because my mother(who is a pureblood) is married to my step-dad who is a king in the muggle world. I have some special abilities, right before I was born my mother fell deathly ill. So one of the healers thought the Sorcerer's Stone would prevent her from dying. It didn't kill her but left her with very unique powers, just like me. She can read minds and I have telekinesis, shapeshifting and can't die but can get seriously hurt, I can also give my targets waking nightmares. After I finish school I would like to work here at Hogwarts, and maybe the ministry or even a doctor so I can restore lives. I have had magic born into me so that is why I love magic because it's in my blood(literally). I would like to help others maybe with a loved one that they have lost. I really want to be seen as a person and not a weapon. My family is very weird and my father, Sirius, I didn't get in touch with until a few years back. Oh, and I haven't mentioned my name it's Flora Princeton Black. ;)




Blood Status- Pure-Blood

Favorite Classes- Divination, Herbology, Flying

Wand- Larch wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and slightly yielding flexibility

Secondary House- Slytherin

Pets- Owl (Kinesis)

Boggart- losing control of my powers and hurting my loved ones

Patronus- Black Mare

Appearance- Hair- Wavy, black, long Eyes- green eyes with a bit of blue

Body Shape- Pear

Skin Tone- Olive Height- 5'11 (but I say I'm 6'0)




Favorite Color- Purple/Blue/Yellow

Favorite Animal- llama

Favorite Food- tacos del pastor, pizza, PoTatOes

Other stuff- -I get O’s without trying -Only the people in the Order know about my powers

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