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Hi im Noa longbottom im 14 years old, i got sorted in gryffindor, it doesnt tooke long to choose for the sorting had to choose. my favorite lesson is charm i really like to learn spells. what i dont really like is herbology i dont really like plants weird to hear from a longbottom but i dont really am like my dad. the class where i did well in was rlly boring i dont really like potions and i dont like professor Snape sorry but i just dont. im a pureblood but it doesnt change me i dont care about ur blood. If who most not be named were the boss in the land i was i would not fight for him even if i got choosed never i would rater die. My biggest power is i gues the fact i can communicate with animals. my Weakness is getting angry really fast and i never wanna lose. if i finnished hogwarts i think i wanna be a teacher on hogwarts for charm or defends against the dark arts. the most fascinating aspect is for me i think the creatures like dragons. i want to use my magic to keep wizards and witchers safe. if im honnest with my self i really would to get in a ring with my friends and fight to each other for the fun not to hurt people but i really wanna fight. i got a pet a cat named amay i got her when i was 10 years old for my birthday. shes really lazy but thats okay shes the best cat ever. and about my fammily yea.. my dad is a teacher and got a creepy story about his parents so my grandparents they cant do annything annymore for a long time allready the person who did this already died she worked for who most not be named she was a deatheather.
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