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I was born into half-blood family. My mum was Muggle-born and my dad was half light-elve. Because of the elve blood in me, I had some weird magical abilities. I have two brothers and durning the first wizarding war, my family escaped to America and when I was 11, I got my Ilvermorny Letter. I went to school there. When I came back to England, I still wrote to my friend from Ilvermorny, Kate. I joined the second year in Hogwarts and became friend Helga, Maara and Bella. I also became very close friends with Charlie Weasley. We both were amiezed by magical bests, espescali, Dragons. On our 4th year we started dating, but I broke up with him on my 6th year because.........................Well. I and my friends were wondering in the Forbbiden Forest and I got attacked by werewolf and I turned into one. And thats why I broke up with Charlie. I went trough some pretty hard time, but I learned live with the wolf inside me and things were pretty good. After the school I went to Romania to work with dragons. I Returned to Englad few days before the Ministry was fallen and Charlie and I got back together, but then the Ministry fell to the Death Eaters and I helped my parents escape to Romania. Long Story short, I went to Azkaban, but got out afther the war. I and Charlie got married and lived in Wales. We had three kids, Zoe, Dora and Chris.

This is VERY short version of a longer story.
Rowena Myosotis Moonrain.
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