Helga Amélie Owlfeather


Helga was born in France in 1973 14. December. She moved to England when she was nine and to go to Hogwarts where she was sorted into Hufflepuff!

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  • Estonia


I'm a half-blood. Well actually my mother is pure-blood and my dad's mom is a muggle and my dad's father is a half-born. (When I was nine he went to St.Mungo's because an unknown poisonous animal bit him and he almost died. Anyways I lived in France until I was eight and I moved to England because my parents wanted me to go to Hogwarts. I have a brother, his name is Henri, he's five years younger than me. Also, you might think why my family name is Owlfeather. That's because my father's family breeds owls. I also should mention that I was traumatized because when I was five a werewolf attacked me:)What a wonderful life huh? Thankfully nothing happened but still after that my boggart was a werewolf. I should talk a little bit about what happened in school too. When I started school I was sorted into Hufflepuff because family and friends were the most important(That shows in later life). The first year I met a girl named Maara Olivia Light. We became friends. First-year was pretty calm. Second-year a new girl came to Hogwarts named Rowena Myosotis Moonrain. I befriended her instantly. I also met my long-lost sister:D ISNT THAT FUN!? (My sister's name is Hanna Diana)It turns out that she got my grandma Vela's powers and we didn't know how to teach her to handle them so we sent her to England. And yes Fleur and I are related. Fleur and I are cousins and our mothers are sisters. Hanna was sent away when we both were really young so we don't remember each other at all. We weren't really close until a few years later. In the spring of the second year, we also befriended a girl named Bella Zaria Aurelia Allen. I don't really want to talk about them because the back-story would be soooo long. I also don't talk about my love life because then it would be even longer. But let's skip to the sixth-year yule ball(actually we should not have a yule ball because it wasn't the right timeline. We are in the same timeline as Charlie Weasley 1984–1991. Also Rowena dated Charlie but that's another story)Basically that we snuck out of yule ball to go to Forbidden Forest to find a treasure what we had been looking for a year and guess what we found:D A werewolf. MY BIGGEST FEAR! and make the matters worse.....Rowena was attacked by it and became a werewolf and attacked me. Bella and Maara cast a spell at her and she ran off. Of course, I was traumatized again. I'm not going to bother you with my story anymore but there's so much more about my friends. Like that Bella is royalty or that Rowena went to Azkaban or that Maara's aunt is a dark fairy. Also, some of these things aren't thought of by me. All Helga's friends are my real-life friends. My friend Eva is Rowena who thought so much back story. Maara is my friend Ellinor and Bella is my friend Marta. I also talked nothing about looks soo yeah. Much to uncover. But if you are reading this. Thank you and have a Great Day!

When I finish Hogwarts Newt gives me and Bella his case and we go over the world and save magical creatures. We do that for seven years until I have my first child. I stay home and start writing books!

Helga likes: singing, playing guitar, plants, hanging out with friends, adventure, cooking, skating.
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