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Hello! My name is Arabella Toir and I came from very old pure-blood lines. My father, Fahir Toir, is an alchemist who travels around Africa and Europe and helps other alchemists. His family is the oldest pure-blood line in Egypt. My mother, Amelia Toir, is good at transfiguration and she usually helps Aurors with difficult tasks that require self-transfiguration. Her maiden family is one of the oldest wizarding families in Greece. Both of my parents graduated from Uagadou School of Magic.

I was born in Lithuania where my parents were helping their old school mates. All my childhood I spent travelling all over Europe and Africa either with my parents or my older brothers (Seth, Ezikiel and Gabriel). I may seem like a very outgoing person but I am an introvert. I like to keep all of my plans to myself.

I am natural at transfiguration and offensive spells. Just like my parents and brothers I am a natural Occlumens.

When the sorting ceremony started I was amazed by the hat. When it finally came my turn I heard in my head: 'A Toir? Never had one before. You are truly difficult, my child. You have quite a lot of Ravenclaw qualities but I do not think it will fit you. Mhmmm... Definitely not a Hufflepuff. Maybe a Gryffindor?.... No... That only leaves..... SLYTHERIN!

My brothers were not surprised when they found out that I am a Slytherin. Their actual words were: 'Not surprised there, little one. You are the most strategic and persuasive person we know. Sadly, none of my brothers went to Hogwarts. My oldest brother Seth graduated from Uagadou 5 years ago, Ezikiel graduated from Castelobruxo 3 years ago and Gabriel graduated from Koldovstoretz last year.

Some last-minute facts about me:

* I have been to 16 European countries.
* I speak 5 languages (English, Russian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Italian)
* I believe in the Egyptian god Set who is the god of war, violence, chaos and disorder.
* My favourite colours are green and black.
* I have a small paranoia.
*Wand: fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and slightly springy flexibility
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