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I've always believed in magic, I practiced with candles and crystals before I even knew Hogwarts was a thing. When I got my letter it had to be one of the most thrilling things that's ever happened to me. What an astonishing place the Wizarding World is. I can't choose what interests me most, whether it's herbology or astrology, or dark magic or defense against the dark arts, I just love them all!! I love spending my time In the nature and connecting with earth and its creatures. I've always felt I have had a special connection with the universe. I'm a Taurus, after all. I'm from America too, everyone here has such a fun accent. My parents live in a nice suburban home back in my hometown, I miss them a lot but I'm having a lot of fun here, I'm also with my twin, (fraternal) Hermione Granger. My wand is Laurel wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ½" and rigid flexibility and my patronus is a white stallion. I love the moon, stars, rain, flowers, basically just anything that has to do with the earth. Ok sorry I know I talk a lot so the last thing I'm going to say is that my experience at Hogwarts has been amazing and I've made some amazing friends like Luna Lovegood and Pansy Parkinson (yes I know we are supposed to hate each other but Slytherins are just misunderstood and they can be pretty cool once you get to know them, also I think we kind of like each other...). Oh and one last thing, there is this boy at Hogwarts, his name is Tim, wait no, Tom, yes, Tom, Tom Riddle I believe, and he just... intrigues me, he's so secretive and interesting, he's also very hot but I'm not getting into that right now. He's pretty much the golden boy of Hogwarts, he has perfect grades and he's probably Dumbledores favorite. But whenever I ask about him, people either give me these eerie anxious stares or they're just as clueless as I am. It's weird and it creeps me out, but I'm going to find out what it is one day...
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