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atlas rho ~ gemini. coffee enthusiast. avid reader. aspiring writer. vivid imagination. dark academia.

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hey im Atlas, im a proud slytherin. my patronus is a sphynx cat and my wand is english oak, dragon heartstring, 9 3/4, and an unbending flexibility.

unfortunately, im also a pureblood. my parents don't pay much attention to me though, im the middle child of 6 children.  my five siblings are unfortunately all boys and my parents love them, leaving me in the dust.  i think the only time they pay any attention to me is just to make sure i uphold the family name.  i don't care much for blood status.  it's not like i'll get anything out of it.  my brothers will be the ones with fortune and fame.  in the future, i aspire to be a famous quidditch player.  maybe that will get their attention.

aside from my disappointing backstory, my life isn't terrible.  i love coffee and butterbeer, and feasts in the great hall.  i enjoy playing sports but also reading and sleeping.  i love spending time with my friends and my favorite time of the year is the holidays.  the best people are the ones you can be yourself around, so naturally i love being myself around others.

my dislikes include being alone or sad, and both at the same time.  i don'tlike people who make me feel like i can't be myself.  i don't have a high pain tolerance and i cry, not a lot, but enough to dislike it.  i thing i dislike most of all is my last name. miller. 

i forgot to mention earlier that i was adopted, and upon entering a pureblood family, my last name was hyphenated.  i try not to think about what my life would've been like, especially because it still would've been similar.  my birth parents were purebloods, and very close with my family. so when my birth parents died, they took me in.  i think the universe just wanted to make me unhappy.  so, now im a miller.  and i really don't like it.

so for the love of merlin, just call me Atlas Rho.

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