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~Name~: Sei Life
~Age~: 11-15
~Gender~: Cisfemale
~Species/Magic~: Angel of life
~Sexuality~: Heterosexual
~Relationship Status~: Single but not ready to mingle
~Birthday~: October 19th
~Likes~: Dragons, octopuses, and elephants
~Nicknames~: Sei-san (Anyone)


{Name}: Shi Death
{Age}: 11-15
{Gender}: Cisfemale
{Species/Magic}: Angel of death
{Sexuality}: Polyamory
{Relationship status}: Taken (I'm still open for 2 other peopleee)
{Birthday}: December 11th
{Personality}: I dunno, you tell me
{Nicknames}: Ghostie, Shi-san


(White are mine and black are Sei's -Shi)

{Name}: Katsuko Yamamoto
{Nicknames}: Katsu, Suko, Yama, Moto, Mamo, Spider, Chimmy
{Age}: 24
{Gender}: Cisfemale
{Species/Magic}: Lion
{Sexuality}: Heterosexual
{Relationship status}: Taken by my Honeypot
{Birthday}: November 18th
{Family}: Kuma Rose (Stepfather), Keito Yamamoto (Twin brother), Juno Yamamoto (Father)
{Personality}: Katsuko can be very mischievous and manipulative at times but she is a good person at heart. She loves trying on different outfits and can write a whole book about a random person she sees on the street. She has a big thing for small children and will offer to babysit at any time.

{Me and my Honeypot}


Name: Lennon Orthox
Age: 18
House: Slytherin
Sexuality: Heterooo
Relationship status: single pringle, ready to mingle
Birthday: Oct 31
Likes: food, books, video games, and writing
year: idfk, a really high one ig
Blood: half-blood
species: shapeshifter
height: really short sobs
Backstory: Lennon was born into a family she hated, a lot. She soon ran away and decided to hide in a sort of floating cabin in an enchanted forest. There she resides, playing with animals, tending to nature, and doing her daily routines. She always feels like she needs a friend though


[Name]: Itachi Cho
[Nicknames]: Ita, Chi, Cho, Choco, Chocolate, Chi-Cho, Tata, Bun Bun (Cassanova only)
[Age]: 16
[Gender]: Cismale
[Species/Magic]: Ghost/Possession
[Sexuality]: Homosexual
[Relationship Status]: Taken by my Casanova
[Birthday]: May 9th
[Family]: Barbara O'Conner (Mother), Truce Cho (Father), Katrina Keito (Stepmother), Mitsuko Cho/Keito (Stepsister)~
[Personality]: Itachi is very childish and very respectful, just like his older sister, Mitsuko but hasn't taken his father's remarriage very smoothly

[Me and Cassanova]


Name: Myles Alwin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Sexuality: Straighter tater
Relationship status: shringle pringle
Birthdayyy: November 24th
Blood: pureblood
species: Vampire
Height: 5'2
Backstory: On November 24th, a baby's wails were heard from the forests, and thus was born Myles. She was sadly left by her father and now lives with her ill mother. She likes to venture and explore the world, she enjoys ballet and is a calm but childish girl. Despite everything, she is quite dirty-minded, and will most likely throw a shoe at you as a first impression. It depends what shoe


[Name]: Carson
[Nicknames]: Papa Bear, Mang
[Age]: 27
[Gender]: Cismale
[Species/Magic]: Vampire
[Sexuality]: Biromantic, Heterosexual
[Relationship Status]: Taken by my Bumble Bee
[Birthday]: September 3rd
[Family]: Let's not talk about them...
[Personality]: Carson feels as if he needs to be the parent of everyone close to him because of all of their family issues. Carson can mostly be found hanging around with Leon or Katsu, being the silly guy he is.

[Me and my Bumble Bee]


Name: Harpony Milfeir
Age: 19
gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight as a stick
House: Slytherin
Bday: April 15th
Blood: muggleborn
Species: Auror/Human
height: 5'7
Role: top
Backstory: unknown

[Name]: Léon Rodriguez
[Nicknames]: Lele, Léo
[Age]: 19
[Gender]: Cismale
[Species/Magic]: Wolf
[Sexuality]: Heterosexual
[Relationship Status]: Single
[Birthday]: December 14th
[Family]: Guadalupe Rodriguez (Younger sister)
[Personality]: Léon is a very flirty guy and will flirt with anyone, but of course, it is all fun and games. He is a very loyal and protective guy and won't try and get to know you right when he sees you. He is mostly protective of Mitsuko and Itachi because he knows what they have been through.


If you do want to role play, here’s what we usually do:
something we like to do with everyone is design some characters, if its a small rp, like, not many people included, we each design a love interest and play them for each other, ex. You play my love interest, and I play yours. this could be for a Hogwarts rp, let me know if you want me to m explain further!

we can make something like a series of unfortunate events or stranger things, use the same plot, but design our own chars, so for example, if we did stranger things, the rp would be similar to the plot but with our own oc's and love interests

But if you don't do romance rp's like we usually do, we could try something else! I am also comfortable with mature content if you are

for a certain topic, please put a TW

so for example, here are my lists of triggers, I will put a warning because I do not know what yours are


Mental illness
(this is strange) cabins or grandmas
those are the severe ones
Be warned, if I send something and you just send back something like "she laughed" I will most likely dump this rp, and if you take more than a week to reply, I also may dump the rp

That's all!

if you like one of my ideas, we can start designing our love interests/ chars, and discuss who starts!
we also welcome any race or sexuality!
Feel free to choose any plot as I stated above, or introduce a new one to me! -Sei
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