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Vesper Varlok didn't know what to expect when the letter came in the mail. All he knew was he was definitely going. Being a half-blood, only one of his parents agreed with him going to Hogwarts. His father. He was mad at his mother--as always--for not supporting a wizard's lifestyle. His mother let him go though. As soon as he got there though, he seemed as if disliked. He could barely make friends with the other Slytherins and was always alone. Being him, he would pick on the muggles at school and call them his friend. He didn't know any better, he just thought it was funny. He started to realize that it wasn't okay and started to make friends for acknowledging his horrible ways. He tries to stay on top of his studies and be there for other Slytherins to prove that they aren't all mean and can change.

*₊˚✧ full name :: Roland Valerine*

*₊˚✧ first name meaning :: "famous land,"*

*₊˚✧ nicknames :: Roe*

*₊˚✧ age :: 11*

*₊˚✧ date of birth :: August 2nd, 2007*

*₊˚✧ nationality :: English*

*₊˚✧ current place of residence :: A cottage in the forest*

*₊˚✧ pronouns :: Any*

*₊˚✧ sexual orientation :: Pansexual*
*₊˚✧ year :: 1*

*₊˚✧ house :: Slytherin*

*₊˚✧ blood status :: Pure blood*

*₊˚✧ special abilities :: animagus, can turn into a wolf.*

*₊˚✧ wand :: Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core, 9 ½" and unbending flexibility*

*₊˚✧ patronus :: Hummingbird*

*₊˚✧ amortentia :: worn out books, freshly baked cookies, new parcels, and butterbeer*

*₊˚✧ boggart :: Death*

*₊˚✧ mirror of erised :: Fame*

*₊˚✧ favorite subjects :: Defence Against the Dark Arts*

*₊˚✧ least favorite subjects :: Herbology*

*₊˚✧ electives :: Divination*

*₊˚✧ grades :: Decent*

*₊˚✧ height :: 5'0*

*₊˚✧ body :: a bit skinny, not really healthy*

*₊˚✧ skin tone :: fair*

*₊˚✧ hair :: black*

*₊˚✧ eye color :: blue/green*

*₊˚✧ eyes :: hooded*

*₊˚✧ nose :: turn-up*

*₊˚✧ mouth :: plump*

*₊˚✧ face :: diamond*

*₊˚✧ skin :: no ance, perfect, soft*

*₊˚✧ style ::* wears a slytherin robe but outside of school wears an oversized black graphic tee-shirt, a black pleated mini-skirt, red and black patterned socks, and black boots. (ref; )

*₊˚✧ languages :: English*

*₊˚✧ accent :: British
*₊˚✧ overall personality :: moody as hell.*

*₊˚✧ positive traits :: funny, kind, helpful, intelligent, caring, determined, introverted*

*₊˚✧ negative traits :: moody, angry, sometimes insensitive*

*₊˚✧ likes :: writing, singing, cuddles, plushies, dogs, blankets, and reading*

*₊˚✧ dislikes :: rude people, any messed up things, rainstorms, thunder*

*₊˚✧ hobbies :: journaling, scrapbooking*

*₊˚✧ skills + talents :: skating, lip reading*

*₊˚✧ fears :: fear of being alone, fear of falling, fear of death*

*₊˚✧ mother :: Anastasia Meliana Valerine*

*₊˚✧ father :: Richard Valerine*

*₊˚✧ sibling :: Angelus Valerine*

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