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At the Sorting Ceremony I was sorted into Slytherin. The reason for that is because I can be rude, sarcastic and ironic. I care mostly about myself and hate muggles. The sorting used about 3-4 minutes to decide which house I was going to be in. It was either Slytherin or Gryffindor. But the hat picked Slytherin, thankfully;) My favorite class is Potions, because I am really good at it. The best in class if I may say so! My least favorite class is Transfiguration. That's because I suck at it and McGonagall is annoying. I do well in Charms, but I do not like the class. I am a pureblood and this has gotten me far. People don't bully me and Snape and Draco likes me:) I am in my 1st year, so He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has not come to power...yet.

I would say my greatest strength is my wand or spells. I know every spell we have learned and can do them flawlessly (if that makes sense). My greatest weakness is a fair of having no control of MY body and those thunderstorms. I hope to be working at the Ministry of Magic after Hogwarts. I love how magic can form into different shapes, colours and shades. Ex. Expecto Patronum, my patronus is a Grass Snake. I love how it crawls in the air.

Of course I want to help others, but I want to have a wealthy life. I want to be living in a mansion, with my family. I want to have a truly passionate boyfriend/husband. I WANT A GREAT LIFE;) I have a kitten, brown and fluffy. She is 2 months old and is called 'Bella'. My mom and dad are dead, I do not have any siblings. SO...I am currently staying with Remus Lupin. Yes....we disagree a lot, but he helps me with my panic attacks.

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