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Hey I’m Lilli. ♓︎ Pisces ☀︎︎ ♌︎ Leo ☽ ♊︎ Gemini ☝︎︎ I’m 15 I love magical creatures• Im mentally unstable• and I love rainy days

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My name is Lillian Krinke but people call me Lilli. Me and my twin brother Theo Are both in fifth year both of us Slytherin, my best friends are Hannah (Gryffindor), Isabel (Hufflepuff), Lucia (Ravenclaw), Georgia (Ravenclaw), Bella (Gryffindor), belle (Slytherin), Lucy (Hufflepuff), Lana (Hufflepuff), Evangeline (Gryffindor), Liberty (Ravenclaw). I’m the slytherin chaser on the quidditch team, and my favourite class is care for magical creatures,I am a pure-blood my dad was pure-blood my mum was a half-blood. Both my parents were in Slytherin the only Krinke that isn’t in Slytherin is my little brother Zachary who is in Hufflepuffs starting his first year this year. My relationship isn’t strong with my parents but it is strong with brothers (even though their dicks most of the time) I love hogwarts and it’s my home away from home. (And I may or may not be in love w Tom Riddle)
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