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I'm Slytherin. The Sorting hat decision was immediate. My favorite classe is Potions class. I hate History of magic. I am good at transfiguration but I don’t particularly enjoy. I'm a pureblood ! I have an owl, Cookie. I'm a good learner and hard working, but when I'm boring, I can't do anything...
I'm Lucius Malfoy's niece, and Draco's cousin. I was born after Voldemort died. My family, which were mostly Death Eaters, retreated to a corner of England after Voldemort was defeated. I am in third year at Hogwarts, and I am known for my exceptional beauty, which I got from my mother, Tovilda Malfoy. I was raised to hate muggles, but I am secretly friends with a muggleborn, Jessica Parks. I am often bored in class, so I discreetly cast spells on other students. I was even punished once for turning Joscelin Brent's nose into a pig's snout. I took muggle study as an option in third year, but didn't tell my parents, because they hate muggles ! Initially, they wanted to send me to study at Durmstrang or Mahoutokoro (in Japan) because one of my teachers, Marmaduke Brochebank, was a Muggle!

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