Aaliyah Kingstone

Mischief Managed

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House: Gryffindor

Wand: Yew wood, Phoenix feather core, 10 inches, with reasonable supple flexibility.

Patronus: Thestral

Favorite CHaracter: Molly Weasley

Favorite spell or potion: Riddikulus

Favorite Place: Hogwarts Library/Zonkos

Favorite Beast or Beings: Dragon(I have a pet dragon myself)

QUidditch team: Puddlyemere United/Holyhead HArpies

Objects or Food: Butterbear/Pumpkin Pastries (the butterbeer preferably warm)

Pronouns/sexuality: She/her, straight (I am a proud Ally of the LGTBQ+ community)

Relationship Status: Very Single

I am Aaliyah Delphine Kingstone Venus daughter of a goddess/witch and a pureblood father making me a half-blood. I have always known that I was a witch since strange things happened to me. My mother disappeared when I was young, leaving us. My father said she left for another man and my siblings believed him I didn't, Hearing behind closed doors, and memories told me that she was "dangerous," and "strange." connecting it to the weird situation I've crossed and those periods of magic, I knew it had to do something with it. strangers on the street sometimes or at school, or in random situations I always heard the word Hogwarts having no idea what it was I searched it up and at least figured out that possibly my mother was a Witch. Ever since then I await my letter, knowing that one day I will be in Hogwarts, and make friends and finally be able to see my limitations and know how truly how far I can go. My father and grandmother, every time I brought Hogwarts up or magic will call me crazy, said I was gonna end up a maniac if I kept reading too many books, and try to separate me from it. Maybe my letter did arrive and they just hid it or burned it. They said I was just my mother, which I supposed is witch-like. Later on, I was moved with an Unknown Uncle and some cousin, I had no idea of their existence, beforehand, my father and grandmother did not want me to go with their ¨kind¨ after a very angry hushed talk I was sent away with them. I came to discover my real identity, Aaliyah Delphine Kingstone Venus, daughter of Athena Aphrodite Venus, a beautiful and kind half-blooded witch (since her mother was a goddess and her father a witch) who had disappeared a year ago, with no trace, she was plenty skilled and one of the most powerful or so said, the Venus and Kingstone were well known for being able to do magic without a wand, especially the control of Elements. My mother Athena was well known for controlling Water. My father, on the other hand, was Tom Seth Kingstone, like my mother he was beautiful but unlike her he was cruel, he had idealistic PureBlood beliefs, and was close to the Malfoys. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a death eater, like my mother he could control an element fire. This resulting in giving me the ability to control both fire and water, my cousins and uncle have helped me control this ability because like me and my parents they also can control an element. My uncle later used Floo Powder to send me to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore's office, where we discussed my power and potential, I was enrolled at Hogwarts, where I am now today as a first-year. I enjoy butterbeer, reading, and pranks, I LOVE quidditch, my position is the chaser., if anyone wants to play a game of quidditch or talk about it PLEASE OWL me. Go Puddlemer United!!
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