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My peers tend to label me with 'fake'. Well, I believe they do have a point, but they don't know what I have gone through. I was raised by a single aunt, with no other known relatives. She worked day and night to supply food to our table, so of course I felt the need to support the house while she could not. Then the accident happened, and my aunt was fired. Her muggle job of chef left her with third degree burns on the lower half of her body, and from then on she was immobilized to her wheelchair, leaving me with the job of supporting our family. I was only a young child and nobody would hire. We went hungry and cold, then my aunt ended her life, leaving me alone. Kicked out onto the streets, my options for income severely dwindled. My only friend at the time, a warm hearted boy by the name of Benjamin, taught me muggle magic (card tricks, magic hat sorts of things, with no real background to them). These boring magic tricks were difficult for a young mind to learn, and many mistakes occurred. Then my real talents began to show through. There was no twist of the hand or hidden cards, I simply did the magic and got results. Word quickly spread of my talent, and I was able to travel with a full stomach and warm hands, putting on magic shows. On my 11th birthday, a letter fell from the sky and landed on my lap. Soon after I would be attending Hogwarts, a magical school where my talents could only grow. So that is why I am called 'fake', because my love for muggle magic remains, and I do not wish to give that love up.
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