Noah Jupe


Noah Jupe is typically proficent in Herbology and Astronomy. He aims to be on the Duelling team one day.

  • Joined March 2021
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 14 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


A NOTE TO EVERYONE READING THIS: MY BOOK (Noah Jupe, Who Was He?) has my backstory in it, but a lot more additional information.

Five weeks early, a little boy was born. The mother took one look at him and just discarded him. He was put up for adoption. Ten minutes after he was born, his twin was not even a miracle as it came to be. He too was thrown off to the side and put up for adoption. The twins had one distinguishing feature. Noah has a longer pinky toe than Billy does, while Billy has a lump in his throat that bulges when he drinks.

Noah and Billy were separated, but only for a little while. This was just to let the hair grow in so they could distinguish Billy from Noah. The Robert twins, Billy and Noah, were not adopted until they were seven years old. Noah enjoyed having his Muggle friends over so they could read comics, play Dungeons and Dragons, work on advanced math, and host nerdy events that Noah and his friends loved. Billy was the complete opposite, he would play around with Noah, playing practical pranks, ands spend his free time in detention.

The twins would often do their own things, Noah doing dorky things while Billy goes about his Class Clown tendencies. The boys were now being sent to a home with one older woman, around the age of 70, and an older man, who looked around 60. They wanted kids to keep them company. Noah would read them Hobbits, Star Trek, Frankenstein, and all the classics just for them to sleep. But one night, a week after the twins were adopted, an ambulance came to their house and bagged the old lady. They said she died. After the ambulance left, the old man dragged them back to the Adoption Center and sat them down in th chair of the 20 something year old woman. A nun, she scared the crap out of Noah, but Billy seemed to take no mind out of it as he would prank everyone, but he never pranked the boys bigger than he is. He too was bullied, but he didn’t get the worst of it like Noah did.

Because of the events they have been put through, Noah began having some behavioral issues such as kleptomania. He would lash out at people and not be aware of it, but the worst thing has happened. Noah and Billy were both arguing with sticks. They were using them as swords. Noah got really emotional and yellow and green sparks flew out of the stick. Billy got so concerned, his stick also shot off yellow and green sparks. Both of them were luckily not witnessed by anyone, but a Nun was asking questions about magic. Both boys ended up getting detention for not answering the question. They were scrubbing the filthy bathroom where Noah was often bullied. A few weeks of detentions later, both boys were finally adopted.

Noah and Billy were adopted by Gary and Steve. They originally had different last names, but after having Wally, who was also adopted, they decided to change their surnames to Hawthorne. But, they gave Noah and Billy a choice on their surname. They could be a Hawthorne or a Jupe, and still be adopted. Both boys chose Jupe. They loved how that sounded when they repeated it in their sophisticated British accent. The boys were introduced to 5 other boys. Their brothers. They were all adopted. Not from the same Center, but from local Adoption Centers. They hit it off great, until Noah’s fifth grade year at a Muggle Private School began. They found out about his nerdiness and dorkiness. He was picked on every day, especially when he was sent home from school for being bullied. His brothers would stand up for him, but they couldn’t resist picking on him. Now, he got accepted to Hogwarts. His siblings and dads are all in or was at Hogwarts. There was no set match for his House he was to receive, as it seemed to be all randomized. He received Gryffindor, and with that, he was treated to a trip at a Muggle ice cream shop called Ben and Jerry.

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