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Aqua Pietas Torque (b. 24 December, 2008) was a British-American pure-blood witch, the third, and youngest child of his two parents.

When Aqua went to Hogwarts on 1 September, 2020, she was sorted into Hufflepuff and became acquaintances with Oceana Waves. After a while, the two slowly fell apart, though they remained friendly to one another.

Once, she met a Muggle-born witch named Emma Lynch, who was related to Remus Lupin. After a while, she learned that Emma inherited some werewolf genes, but not enough to transform her. She still remained close friends with Emma, despite her slight werewolf genes. The two had a falling out once, and Aqua decided to steal a book on the deadly dragon pox from the Restricted Section, once it was announced by the headmaster of Hogwarts at the time, Peak Taurus, that Hogwarts would be going under lockdown due to the virus.

Aqua managed to steal the book, after researching many enchantments such as the Revealing Charm and Revelio Charm. Once, while practicing, she accidentally invented a new spell, the Rebel Jinx, which would animate an object to not listen to you. She quickly learned to master that too, as well as the counter-curse, and used the two to her advantage. Once stealing the book, in a week or so, Emma and Aqua reconciled, and Aqua told Emma, as well as Emma's friend, Adam, about the book.

Until September 16, the trio learned of someone trying to kill them (but who?) and they come across a pro pure-blood boy named Leonard.

On September 16, Aqua got very mad when Emma didn't believe her theory, and Emma felt no regret, which led to wands getting involved. After the duel, they both got in trouble and got detentions and house points taken as punishment. Aqua quickly stopped talking to Emma and Adam after that, and it seemed to be mutual.

She ignored them, even when they tried to tell Aqua that someone was trying a new plot to kill them. Emma finally confronted Aqua in October, telling her that they were in danger of death. Aqua was very cool about it, and when she walked away angrily, she remarked that she couldn't trust Emma, if Emma never trusted her.

The two accidentally Obliviated the headmaster, making him lose all of his memory, and a professor discovered that he had been Obliviated, but he didn't find out who did it. The professor held questioning, and then, Emma was questioned. Aqua ran to her, trying to Obliviate the professor, and she, Emma, Adam, and the professor had a full-on duel. Someone mysteriously Imperiused Emma, making her practice the Cruciatus Curse on Adam.
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