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Hello, my name is Asta, and I am a Hufflepuff, and... I suppose it's due to my loyalty. A few years ago, I found myself loyal to two separate parties, on different sides of a conflict, and managed to not betray either side. This has now happened to me twice. So, no, I didn't stall the Hat. It chose quite quickly! I'm really looking forward to taking some classes, and I suspect I will greatly enjoy astronomy and potions! I am a muggle-born, though I do question if I could have magical blood. I was born and raised in Wessex, and they haven't been the most supportive of magical people there. Certainly, my mother (who is from Northumbria, and is daughter of King Aelle) would have never said if she were a witch. I never knew my father, who passed shortly after my birth, though he was a Northumbrian priest, who later became a Viking, and so I would not know if he was a wizard or not. Part of me, though, rather likes the idea that I am the first witch in my lineage- aside from any that may be in my husband's lineage! His mother is a seeress, so I imagine he has some very powerful magic in his blood. I believe my greatest strength is my heart, and along with it, the way I will fight for those I love deeply. Conversely, I believe my heart is also my greatest weakness. I am unwilling to cut love from my life to strengthen myself. I believe firmly that there are so few happinesses in life, that I don't want to deprive myself of a one of them. After I finish my schooling, I hope to use my abilities for the betterment of Kattegat and Norway, where I now reside. As the queen of these lands, I figure it is the least I can offer my people. In my opinion, the most fascinating aspect of magic is the complete potential of it! It has unlimited capacity, only dictated by the will of its practitioner. I look forward to seeing what I will learn to do with it! I don't have any "pets", per se, but there are many animals surrounding me. Also, my husband does own a horse which pulls his chariot. One thing of note about my family is that we are royalty! My mother was Princess of Northumbria, and became Queen of Wessex! Though my birth father was not royalty, my legal father- Aethelwulf, was the son of the great King Ecbert, and became king after his passing. My twin brother, Alfred, is now King of Wessex. My husband, Ivar the Boneless, is King in Kattegat, and King of Norway. My family wished immensely for me to wed one of the sons of Queen Kwenthrith, of Mercia, but my heart was captured by a Viking. This caused quite a bit of disagreement between myself and my brother, but I had married Ivar before I spoke to him on the matter, and there was nothing Alfred could do. Now, Ivar and I are very happy, and we live out our days in Kattegat, hoping to soon begin having heirs to his throne!
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