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Hey! I’m Xalia. :)

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Xalia was born into a Muggle family. Her parents never really seemed to have time for her, only knowing how to ease her needs financially. It was always a struggle to manage her relationships with them, so being ignored and alone, she spent most of her time reading about Herbs in her mother's garden. Plants fascinated her, how they all had different properties and needs -- how they could be used for medicine to save lives. She'd water the plants every day, taking care of them. Once she lost her watering can, in distress she conjured one up, only to realize she was a Witch. A few years later she received her letter. Nagging her parents for permission to attend, they agreed. Xalia was relieved to go, she was finally going to meet people who understood cared about her. Name: Xalia Lume. Gender: Female. (She/They.) Appearance: Light brown skin, Round face with freckles, Black hair in a pixie-cut, Heterochromia (Left eye: Yellow, Right eye: Brown), Average height. Age: 14, 4th year. (Differs in roleplays). Likes: Herbology, Potions, Rain, Hot chocolate, Ink, Repairing things, Snowflakes, Stargazing. Dislikes: Flashing lights, Socks, Cars, Oatmeal, Fishing, Lies, bright colors, Ignorant and lazy people. Personality: Ambitious, Intelligent, Can be snarky, Helpful, Sympathetic, Easily-annoyed. House: Slytherin. (Hatstall between Slytherin and Ravenclaw). Patronus: Thestral. Boggart: Failure. Wand: Ash wood, Dragon heartstring core, Hard flexibility.

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