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You are you. Don't let anyone change that. Love yourself no matter what. You are perfect in your own way.

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I am Emma Danielle Riddle. People run from me because Lord Voldemort was my Grandfather and think I'm gonna turn out the same as him. WHATTT???????? No way he was a murderer and desperate for power. I'm NOT him trust me. They also want to be my friend because Hermione is my step-sister, it's pretty annoying really because I never know whether someone is my friend for me or for my sister. All the Pure-bloods wanted to be my friends as well because of my history, but when everyone found out I was Muggle-born they freaked. They started questioning me, asking me whether I really was a Riddle, I spent most of my free time locked in my dorms until Charlie Longbottom became my friend. She didn't care about my history, she liked me for me. I really want to do well in Ravenclaw. My Grandmother was under my grandfather's imperius curse so was happy and sad when my he died and she spoke to my mother and Harry became my Godfather. Also I think you guys should know that some of the Death Eaters that escaped the Ministry are non-stop targeting me to become the "Next Lord Voldemort" this might scare some people but trust me I have constantly rejected them.


Wand: Ash wood, 10 inches with a Dragon Heartstring core. Bought from Ollivander in Diagon Alley.
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