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I am the daughter of Sirius Black and Katherin Snape. Both my parents were students at Hogwars at the same time. Although my mother was Slytherin and my father was also Gryiffindor, they somehow found love to each other. My father was a member of order while my mother was a death eater . Narcissa and Bellatrix's best friend, but when she got pregnant, they decided to quit everything and run away with my father. The night they'll run away is the same night the Potters were killed. When my father went to the Potters' house to say goodbye to his friends for the last time, he found them dead, and as a result he was arrested and imprisoned in Azkaban for life. At that time, my mother, who was waiting for my father, was declared a blood traitor and murdered by the death eaters. When she died, everyone thought I was dead, but I was not. Snape took me and secretly gave me to Remus Lupin, who is my father's best friend. Uncle Lupin raised me. I grew up in a small cottage where no one would find us, far from everywhere. When he was 11 years old he sent me to France. The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic studied there for two years, but my foster family was killed by death eaters. After 13 years, they finally found me. Uncle Lupin immediately took me back to London and decided to send me to Hogwarts, the safest place in the wizarding world.

Now I am in Hogwarts. I am a pure-blood Slytherin and I am so proud of my house. I always want to be Slytherin like my mom. I am pretty good at poisons but DADA is my favorite subject. I can talk parseltongue and I can change my eyes and my tongue into snake eyes and tongue but for now it is a secret. Some of my friends (Malfoy) call me blood-trairot because of my mom.
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