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"What asks but doesn't answer?"

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|| ABOUT ME ||

I'm Erica Jaine but I prefer being called by my second name (Jaine). I was sorted in Ravenclaw because of my intelligence, wit, and creativity and I find it amusing that the Sorting Hat took its time in deciding whether I should be in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or SLytherin because I also have the patience and at the same time, the desire to be ahead. My patronus is a Manx Cat but I have another name for her which happens to be Silver. She glints in my darkness, she is my light. Silver is loyal and a skilled hunter. My father is a businessman, my mother is a teacher. My younger sister might be a muggle but I enjoy spending time with her and showing her various spells. We usually fight when one loses his/her anger in the household. Patience is not everyone's cup of tea in my family sometimes.


My passion lives with DADA class and I find Professor Trelawney's class as the most unbearable of all. My grades are good in Herbology with Professor Sprout but I still find it boring. Born with two muggle parents, it was quite a shock that I have...abilities they do not have but I grew up in a fierce household that molded me to never back down in fright from anyone who dares question my existence.


My greatest strength would be resilience and the cold, unforgiving wrath to those who deserve it like Voldemort. My weakness is that I trust wizards and muggles too easily for my own good. I know how it feels like to be isolated so I really try to reach out to everyone.

After finishing my studies, I wish to be a professor or a guardian in Hogwarts tasked for its protection and defense. I hope to make a better world one day with magic because everyone, both wizards and muggles, deserve a world that makes them feel at home. I just want peace and friends who would fight for me as I would die for them --- my trust has been broken heartlessly over the years and it has been getting quite tiring lately.
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