Semilore Adejuwon


  • Joined February 2021
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
  • Nigeria


I am in Slytherin, the sorting hat chose this house for me because I am very sly and cunning. It took some time for it to decide but I knew I would be a Slytherin. My favourite class is potions and my least favourite is divination. I did well in History of magic but I don't particularly like the subject. I am a pureblood, my blood status didn't affect me much because my parent teach me to love everyone even is we aren't the same blood status. I was in Uk when Voldermot rose to power, my greatest strength was my courageousness and my greatest weakness was I forgive too easily. When I am done with school I want to become a healer. I feel like the most fascinating aspect of magic is you can do anything good or bad with it and you have to choose what path to take. I use my magic to help others all the time. I really want to travel the world and help others, I have a pet Snake named Hecate and an owl named Athena. They are the best pets anyone can ask for.

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