A Slytherin who snuck her way into Ravenclaw :P Into cats, potions & performing. I was previously a 6th year, but made a new account b/c of email. Hello again!

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I come from a pureblood family of Slytherins, so when the Sorting Hat gave me a choice between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, I kinda gave my family the middle finger and chose Ravenclaw. Which I suppose was a Slytherin move. Now I'm running a bit of a double life in our world and the muggle world, so I'm always running around but don't be afraid to say hi!

I strived to be top of my class the first four years and excelled academically, although I do tend to fall asleep in History of Magic. Now I focus a lot less on getting Outstandings in every class and more on subjects and just things that catch my interest. Certain professors found it to be a "shame" and that I showed "such promise", but I'm confidant enough in my own abilities and I still aim to quietly learn, I just don't care too much about the smug one-upmanship going on inside this house. I'd much rather do my own thing and excel in what I actually care about. I'll still help you out if you need it, just don't attempt to take advantage, I catch on quick and am quite vindictive. On a completely unrelated note, ask Stella about her time as a roach if you want an entertaining reaction!

My favorite core subjects have been DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions. I'm taking Alchemy this year and it's pretty interesting, it has made my potion experimentation cleaner with fewer incidents and I think has strengthened the foundation of my knowledge a lot. Divination is considered the easy joke class, but it does have its uses as long as you have a strong sense of awareness. Arithmancy is fun but has a lot of homework, I came in well versed in such subjects so I have a bit of an advantage. Professor Vector CAN be pretty strict, but she's really nice and helpful if she sees you putting in the effort! She's just dismissive to those who don't care. So I would suggest taking it if you're honestly interested in the subject and don't get too deterred by numbers and lots of work. Care of Magical Creatures is easygoing but shouldn't be taken too lightly, I adore all creatures and plan to get a permit for some of the more (coincidentally) dangerous ones so you'll find me being more attentive. I'm planning on keeping a thestral or two as well as... other creatures. Music is an easy elective to take, and I'm trying to get theater classes approved as well but there are some complicated details in doing so that I'm trying to solve before going to the Headmaster about it again. If you're interested in taking a currently nonexisting class or perhaps forming a club, let me know! With enough of a demand, I'm sure we can make it happen!

I love the Weird Sisters, I had a poster of Kirley Duke hanging up in the dorm until my fourth year when SOMEBODY jinxed it to never shut up and I had to take him down. If you're a Ravenclaw, you may witness my familiar, Minothy, slinking about the dorm. She's a bit wary of other creatures but loves being petted, just don't be too insulted if she snubs you. She also has a habit of claiming seats to herself, I wouldn't suggest moving her unless you're prepared to deal with your bed full of fur and scratches on it (she Knows which one is yours). She's actually a huge dork but tries to come off as "cool", compliments are the way to go with her. Once she's decided she likes you, she'll be loyal but just remember I'm her #1. She also enjoys watching spellwork, but beware of her judging eyes when you screw up! I'm also known to make some tasty creative drinks, with side effects occurring only 18% of the time which I'm rarely unable to fix! I can mix all the classics, of course, but put my own spin on them sometimes. Ask about my Ignis Ale ;) Some noted that I must love Herbology and Potions if I enjoy making drinks and use of herbs and it's true that I adore Potions but I must say that while I do excel at Herbology that doesn't mean I enjoy it. If the face I make when first and second years ask for my help doesn't tip you off then continue watching as I'm likely to point them in the direction of somebody that isn't me who would probably love the opportunity to show off their knowledge, which I rarely do unless I have no time. I'm also a performer, and you'll find me singing and making interesting movements quite often ;) Don't be a stranger and come say hi! Ask me anything, I'm an open book :)

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