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As a Ravenclaw, I can tell you that being in the "smart house" does not mean you top the year. It means not sleeping for weeks because you're too focused on personal interests, and end up flunking your potions assignment. Twice. It also means swearing at stupid riddles a door decides to challenge tired teenagers with; pro tip for entering the common room, the answer doesn't have to be the "right" one it just has to apply to the question (and maybe be slightly threatening). Coming from a family of purebloods I was "destined for great things", which might be true if great things are having all the kitchen house elves know you by name. Our family isn't overly prejudiced and the word m*dblood was definitely frowned upon, but so was having too many muggleborn friends. When I was very young my parents made the very controversial decision to send he to a muggle primary school; personally, I feel this was a good idea because I at least have an understanding of basic maths.
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