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Name: Nathan
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Red oak wood with a phoenix feather core, 13 ¾" and slightly yielding flexibility
Patronus: Mountain Hare
Traits: Loyal, brave, sensitive, honest, brash, cunning, impatient, lazy

Graduated a proud Gryffindor but it took the sorting hat a while to reach the final decision. School was never something I liked, the mysteries and friendships Hogwarts had to offer however were something else. Often corrected for daydreaming by professors and relying more on lazy talent and luck than hard work I struggled through most of the classes. Passion shone through in Defense against the Dark Arts and Charms very quickly though, the practical use of spells and quick thinking made me alert and quite happy. It was no wonder the dueling club was a hobby, besides roaming the hallways looking for long lost hidden passages of course.

My friends can count on me to think up any excuse to go out and look for adventure, be it a hike through the Scottish hills or a visit to the Forbidden Forest. Despite being a bit of a wildcard I consider kindness, honesty and courtesy to be the best weapons against any curse, a trait learned from my mother at a young age. Coupling that with a fierce loyalty and desire to protect people dear to me it is no wonder I often speak and handle without thinking only to regret it later (but obviously never admit it). In my free time as an adult wizard I enjoy traveling to mystical places to investigate folklore, legends and dark tales of magical mysteries. After one such travels I gained a newfound preference for rare steaks while I have my butterbeer or whiskey and although company is preferred I also need to be alone sometimes.

The need to help people both with and without magic has always been a strong element in my life so professionally I verged towards magical law enforcement but as with everything related to me, nothing is set in stone. Always counting down to the dark days of Hallowe'en and the festive family feasts of Christmas.
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