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I’m Annelise, and I am a Slytherin in my sixth year at Hogwarts. I was a hatsall, as some of the older kids called it, a situation in which The Hat takes a while to decide. For me it took a good few minutes. I was sorted into Slytherin because I am resourceful, powerful and cunning. I was quite nearly put in Ravenclaw though, because The Hat said I strive for knowledge. I do strive for knowledge, but I view it as a form of power. Hat also said I was a huge nerd, and I mean, it wasn’t wrong. I like thinking and dreaming up little worlds in my head. I love reading and could immerse myself in books for days. I find it so fascinating what some people have to say through their writing, and I love learning. Hat also mentioned something about Hufflepuff once, followed by the word ’earth’. I have always felt a deep connection with the Earth, and found that it fuels my magic, but I’ve always felt like either a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin.
My friend group is composed of 2 Ravenclaws, one other Slytherin, a Hufflepuff we ‘adopted’ and a Gryffindor that flits in and out sometimes. It’s safe to say we have a pretty diverse group. My father is from France and Ireland, and my mother is from Japan.
My father and I come from a long line of sophisticated and successful witches and wizards, such as authors, astronomers, explorers, and even vikings. My mother is a muggleborn but we believe she is actually descended from a branch of royalty in Japan. So yeah, I have some pretty intense heritage. My parents never went to Hogwarts, I only go here because we now live in Ireland. My father went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and my mother went to Mahoutokoro, so I had no stories or advice to prepare me for Hogwarts.
I have a vast array of favourite classes actually. I like Herbology and Ancient Runes and Potions. And Care of Magical Creatures. When I finish school I’d love to write and publish a book. Perhaps on Earth Magic, perhaps on magical creatures, or Potions or a fictional book. I find muggle books quite interesting, especially fantasy, and it’s interesting to see how they portray magical beings in their own idealistic worlds. I’d also like to own a small shop one day. I’d sell food or clothes or plants or potions or all of the above. I’d like to have a quaint, cozy, lifestyle in the woods somewhere, in amongst nature.

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