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I was sorted into Ravenclaw although I did have a hatstall because I share common traits with Slytherin. The classes I like the most are charms, DADA, astronomy and potions. There aren’t any classes I particularly dislike. I am a Pureblood but unlike some wizarding families I was brought up to treat everyone equally. My blood status hasn’t hindered my life in the wizarding world that much although some people have probably called me a blood traitor in my time at Hogwarts. I was at the UK during Voldemort’s time and the battle of Hogwarts but I think I was too young to remember and cause I am also from a pureblood family I know I wouldn’t be his first targets. My greatest strength is probably my wand work and spellcasting. My greatest weakness is probably my stubbornness. After I finish school I plan to either become a professional seeker or an auror. I feel that the most fascinating part of magic is how different it is to the muggle world. I would definitely use my magic to help people but I might also use it for personal gain which could just be the Slytherin side of me talking so yeah. If I am being honest with myself what I really want is to find someone who I live and who loves me back. I have a black kitten and her name is Luna. She also has bright crystal blue eyes. She’s really nice and tame but sometimes gets herself into mischief around the castle.
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