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I'm pureblood witch and I am a parselmouth. My father is Regulus Arcturus Black or R.A.B and when he was in school at Hogwarts, he met a girl named Alice, my mother. She was always very reserved, and I still do not know much about her. she met another guy Named Frank and then they got married and had my half-brother Neville. Before my father died, I lived with him but he died when I was just a baby, my mother and her new husband were raising my half-brother in the middle of the war and couldn’t take care of me AND Neville so I went to live with my uncle Sirius, that is before he was sent to Azkaban, the next course of action would have been my Aunt Bella if she hadn’t also been sent to Azkaban So they decided to try my aunt Narcisa and my uncle Lucius but there wasn't much luck there since I was a Longbottom and they thought I wasn't good enough and they didn't want to raise me but the Longbottom’s were a pureblood family but they aren’t Slytherins so then it was my aunt andromeda and my uncle ted and I grew up with my cousin Nymphadora who I call Dora but everyone else calls her tonks. Dora was older than me and that was the reason why Andromeda and Ted were able to take me in unlike my mother who would have been essentially raising two very young magical children which cant be an easy task.

My wand is made of Walnut wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and reasonably supple flexibility and my Patronus is a red squirrel
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