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i aint afraid to get detention so dont cross me if you know whats good for ya

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[ open for rp! ]
[ however, i am an adult and would prefer not to rp with minors, for my comfort as well as yours! as such, i roleplay lottie primarily as a 6th/7th year ]
[ pfp from picrew here! ]

name ottilie "lottie" messier
age 17
birthdate april 11 XXXX
hometown liverpool
blood status muggle-born

house gryffindor
wand poplar + phoenix feather, 12 ¾ inches, supple
pet fluffy brown tabby cat named margo
patronus hippogriff (look... i know that sounds mary sue af... but i took the pottermore quiz and that was really my result and honestly i think it suits her so well but i never would have thought of it on my own, i thought they had to be nonmagical animals for some reason???? pls dont judge me ok the QUIZ chose it for me)
extracurricular quidditch team beater, member of frog choir

ottilie was born to a single mother named tempeste, who--for reasons lottie was too young to understand or remember--chose to give her up when lottie was around five years old. since then, she's moved through various foster homes, staying primarily in the liverpool area. the city of liverpool and its bay always feel far more like home to lottie than any house she's currently living in, especially since many of her foster parents house more children than they strictly should, and many more house foster children just for the weekly allowances. not all of lottie's foster homes have been terrible, but even the good ones didn't want to adopt her, so who needs any of 'em?
even by 11, lottie was getting into a lot of trouble, acting out for attention or to relieve her frustrations at the turns her life had taken. she was in the headmasters office in her muggle schools almost more often than she was in class, and often came home with cuts and bruises from getting into fights with other students (which she mostly won). things finally started changing for her the summer of her 11th year, when a professor from hogwarts, accompanied by an acceptance letter addressed to lottie, arrived at her shabby little home. moving off to private school might not have been possible otherwise, but luckily her foster parents realized they could still get their stipend for lottie even if she wasn't going to actually be home for nine whole months, and they were really convinced when they learned hogwarts tuition (and room and board) was completely free. the ministry of magic fund for muggle raised student welfare would take care of any other expenses--and with that sorted, lottie was free to go.

secondhand books and clothes were a bit shabby, but nothing lottie wasn't used to. with her new wand in hand and her new pet, a long-haired brown tabby cat named margo, lottie was ready to become a young witch and learn at the uk's premier school for magic.
the world of magic is definitely strange to lottie, and even a little hard to believe, but she feels special to be chosen for it, and she plans to do her best at it. mostly, she likes this new world she's been allowed into, feeling like she's in on a secret no one else is really in on.
lottie is a bit of a rough and tumble girl who gets into fights more often than she should. she's more confident with her fists than her wand, but she's determined to become just as good--if not better with magic as she is with 'real' life. but she loathes shortcuts, and is sometimes at odds with the privilege that sometimes comes with magic, occasionally choosing the hard (muggle) way over the quick and easy magic way, almost to prove a point somehow. but all in all, life finally seems to be going her way.
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