Raven Williams

Student, Animagus

"Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect." -Luna Lovegood

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Main OC~
Full Name: Raven Jasmine Williams
Race: Human, Magic born witch
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: October 16
Age: (Whatever year we're roleplaying in)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship History: (Has Never Had A Relationship)
Blood Type: B+
Languages Spoken: English, French

Positive Traits: Smart, Witty, Kind, Hard-Working, Humorous, trusting, adventurous
Negative Traits: Stubborn, Sassy, Sarcastic, Judgmental, Reserved
Religion: (No Specific Religion)
Occupation: Student
Likes: Food, Drawing, Reading, Singing, Perfume
Dislikes: Being teased, being controlled, glitter, candy
Fears: Losing any loved ones, The ocean, Airplanes
Soft Spots: Books, Food, Coffee
Nervous Habit(s): Twirling hair

Scars: A long scar down her forearm from an incident at the beach
Tattoos: No tattoos but she likes to draw on herself
Piercings: Double piercings on both of her ears
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Copper Red
Height: (Depends on the year we're roleplaying in)
Weight: (Depends on what year we're roleplaying in)
Scent: Rose water, rain, cinnamon
Wand: 11in. long, alder wood, Phoenix feather core
Animagus: Dog (Irish Setter) with green eyes
Boggart: Dead loved ones
Amorentia: Roses, the sea, and sugar
Hogwarts house: Slytherin (Can change if roleplay requires it)

Father: Joseph Williams | Wizard | Deceased | Ravenclaw
Mother: Magnolia Williams | Witch | Deceased | Slytherin
Aunt: Fern Borwitz | Witch | Alive | Slytherin

Side OC~
Full name: Lucina Paris Atherton
Nickname: Lucy
Race: Human, magic born witch
Gender: Female
Date of birth: May 2
Age: (Whatever year we roleplay in)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship history/status: (Depends on when we're roleplaying)
Blood type: A+
Languages spoken: English

Positive traits: Honest, brave, smart, hard-working, trusting, reliable
Negative traits: Stubborn, judgmental, clumsy, bad-tempered, nosy
Religion: (No specific religion)
Occupation: Student
Likes: Music, drawing, reading, Quidditch, Astronomy, being alone, photography
Dislikes: Potions, loud noises, rain, arrogant people, mint
Instruments played: Piano
Fears: Spiders, the ocean, needles, losing loved ones
Soft spots: Music, books, animals, Quidditch
Nervous habit(s): Cracking knuckles, lip biting

Scars: Scar running down her back from a spinal surgery
Tattoos: A small dove on her wrist that was magically put there by her mother. Her mother has the same tattoo on her wrist
Piercings: Ears, septum ring
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark blond
Height: (Depends on what year we're roleplaying in)
Weight: (Depends on what year we're roleplaying)
Scent: Butterscotch, parchment
Wand: 13in long, spruce wood, Veela hair core
Boggart: Her family being murdered
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw (Can change with roleplay if required)
Amorentia: Coffee, fireworks, candles

Father: Markus Atherton | Muggle | Alive |
Mother: Veronica Atherton | Witch | Alive | Hufflepuff
Sister: Luna Atherton | Witch | Alive | Hufflepuff

I'd love to RP with anyone, but please keep in mind that I'm not the best at roleplaying! Take care <3
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