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I am in my seventh year at Hogwarts, I was sorted into Slytherin house the second the sorting hat touched my hair. I was born a pure-blood wizard, so I have it good as far as privilege goes. As far as core classes go, I really enjoy potions, it is probably my favorite. Least favorite? Well, I think I would probably go with herbology. Some other classes I enjoy are Art, Divination, and Care of Magical Creatures. I think my strongest trait is my resourcefulness, and my creativity, but those go hand in hand. My greatest weakness is probably perfectionism. I will say a class/hobby that I don't like is flying, it makes me nervous to be up that high. I won't lie, I try to avoid looking down when using the stairs at Hogwarts.
My parents are, in the nicest way I can put it, very, very proud of their pure blood, it has definitely led to a lot of arguments over the years on who they think my friends should be. As far as my future and jobs go, despite being in my seventh year I have no idea what I want to do. I think of more creative careers like an artist, journalist, photographer, or even a wandmaker. I think it would be pretty fun to be a professor and teach the future Hogwarts students, but honestly, I don't know if I am up to stuff to be a professor. I also think doing something with animals would be cool, maybe I could be a magical creatures professor, which would combine two of my ideas. Something else I am really interested in is muggles, I think I would really like to work with them but I don't think my parents would approve.
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