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Hello and Welcome! i hope to make friends here! if you'd like you can call me Row or Rose

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Name: Rowyn Antoinette Rose Draconis
Age: 12 years
Birthday: November 6 2009
Gender: Gender-queer
Sexuality: Pansexual/ Polyamorus
Relationship status: Single
House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Wolf
Wand: Rosewood, Unicorn hair core, 10’in flexible and supple
Appearance: Short with Deep red hair and cold blue eyes, Has black roots showing. On the heavy side, and a modest dresser.
Blood status: Pure-blood
Ability: Wandless magic, communication with animals and the dead.

Backstory: I was born in the United States to two pure-blood parents. My mother is an old dying family line of Animagus's and herbology majors. They have a mixed lot of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor house members (before both families moved overseas, where they were mostly pukwudgies and wampus). My father is from a very ancient family of wizards dating all the way back to the age of Merlin the great and farther still. From old money they prided themselves on being a family of Slythrins and Ravenclaws (Horned serpents and thunderbirds post move). I am the youngest of 5, my brothers and elder sister all accomplished and gifted. While they were all sorted into Slytherin, I was placed in Ravenclaw like my late grandfather. I’ve always been a bit melancholy by heart, my siblings teasing me for being a little slower at learning magic or being to nerdy and brainy, both my parents have been hard on me and with my “Freakish” gifts they have always been keen on keeping me contained.

My eldest brother is Thomas Dorne Draconis, an Aurore for the ministry. He is pretty nice to me but he tends to ignore me more than anything as we have a large age gap.
My next eldest sibling is Landon Everest Draconis, He’s a professional Quidditch player for the up and coming team Screeching Banshees. Hes pretty mean to me and pick on me often because of my more gentle nature.
The Middle sibling is my Sister Amelia Dahli ray Draconis, She majored in Potions, but makes a living as a top Model. While i love her she is rather bossy and I’ve spent my whole life being compared to her beauty.
The youngest of my Brothers is Olyveer James Draconis, he is a 4th year in Hufflepuff, and is the closest thing i have to a best friend. He loves writing and wants to be a famous author someday, since we both love to read we often spend time in each others company. He’s super kind and always makes time for me even when he’s very busy himself.

Most of my Siblings graduated from Illvermorny, but my parents moved back to England before I could be accepted into the school so i was accepted into Hogwarts with my brother, he transferred easily and went from a proud Pukwudgie to a happy Hufflepuff.

First year: Just started at Hogwarts so not much for me to say, maybe this time schooling will be different, maybe here I can be more.

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