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When I was little, weird things always happened to me, things I couldn't explain. I never told anyone because my mom already had many problems and my dad, well I have never met him, and I never knew anything about him until I came to Hogwarts. When I was eleven, an owl came to my house and gave to me my Hogwarts letter. I didn't understand anything. When I asked my mom. She told me that my father was a wizard and when my mother found out about it she immediately left and never spoke to my father again. I was devastated;I always asked my self if my dad didn't want me, but he didn't have a choice, mom left him not the other way around. But wanting or not I understood her. She was afraid and thinking about my safety. After many weeks trying to convience her to let me go to Hogwarts, she finally let me go.
When I first came to Hogwarts I asked the professors if they knew my dad and where could I find him. The professors told me that he thought defence against the dark arts for 20 years. But unfortunally he died a few years ago saving one of his students from a werewolf. I got sad, but thinking that I was studying at the same school that he worked on made me happy, it felt like I was close to him somehow. On the second year, i joined the hufflepuff quidditch team. I also earned lots of point for my house and now I'm in the fifth year of Hogwarts. Me and my mom are living happily in a small house close to the platform 9 3/4, and every year when I come to Hogwarts it just feels like home.
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