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Hi everyone! My name is Viola and I’m a Ravenclaw student. I really love studying at hogwarts, it’s that I always dreamed! :)

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about me:

NAME: Viola
HOUSE: ravenclaw
WAND: black walnut wood with a phoenix feather core, 13 ¾" and hard flexibility
PATRONUS: hummingbird
SING: gemini

Hi everyone!
My name is Viola and I’m an Hogwarts student from Italy. When I received my letter for Hogwarts I was very happy and excited, and I immediately came to London to get the necessary materials for stay at the school. Then I finally arrived at hogwarts, where the sorting hat was undecided about what my house would be, due to my ravenclaw curiosity, creativity and intelligence, and my slytherin cunning, determination and revenge. After a few minutes he made his choice and he sorted me into ravenclaw! I am very happy because I really love my house! I have many hobby: I like art, drawing and painting, skating and thinking. I like all the subjects that are studied here at Hogwarts, but i have a weakness for charms, astronomy and defense against the dark arts. :)
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