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Welcome to OUR page, yes, we said our.

1. Not all of us will be on at the same time so please, dont ask for a certain person when
we have told you they are off.

2. We are ALL ok with mature romance so go on right ahead.

3. We allow cursing but please refrain from anything offensive, pessimistic, homophobic,
and just down right rude.

4. We all have our own personalities so please, respect that.

5. Lastly, the four above are all our rules everything else is ok (:

People you can rp with:

Name: Grey Gibson

Gender: Male

Age: Differs in rp

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Energetic, athletic, bubbly, can be very uptight in certain situations

Appearance: Curly blond hair, usually wears skinny jeans, oversized sweatshirts, and adidas

Face Claim:

Name: Jed Knox

Gender: Male

Age: Differs in rp

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Serious about life, edgy, cautious, neat freak on the inside

Appearance: Overgrown brown hair, ripped jeans, Jerseys and tshirts, even though it doesnt match: combat boots

Face Claim:

Name: Scarlet Moore

Gender: Female

Age: Differs in rp

Sexuality: Lesbian

Personality: Tough, athletic, artistic, intimidating

Appearance: Flannel, black/white tshirt, sneakers, dirty blonde hair, grim expression

Face Claim:

Name: Holly Williamson

Gender: Female

Age: Differs in rp

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Calm, cautious, over works, bubbly

Appearance: Dyed pink hair, knitted sweaters/fleece, jeans, vans

Face Claim:

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