Breathe. Feel the air. Feel that wind on your face. Feel the ground, your feet lifting you up, pushing you forward, and the lightning, feel its power..

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Johannes Wonder

Regular Student.

My mom is a pureblood witch, my absent dad is a muggle but we don't talk about him. I was born on a ship in the middle of the Caribbean sea, just like my 4 sisters, we love the sea, i miss the sea. It wasn't easy living island to island I had to do disturbing things to survive, I got used to it, I would do whatever it takes to achieve what I want. We settled in England 3 years ago, 2 weeks later and my eldest sister received the Hogwarts letter, She's a Ravenclaw just like my mother. I was so impatient to go, the waiting felt like centuries I blame my mom for that, she always was tellling us stories about the school and how she fought against you-know-who.. I was sorted into Slytherin even though the hat took a long time, It said that I was almost the perfect balance between Slytherin and Gryffindor, not to be shoking, after all brave and fierce is how people discribe me..besides of 'fox' 'bitter' 'thieve'.

Wand: Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ½" and slightly springy flexibility.

Patronus: Snowy owl.


OOC  18 yrs old and currently in nursing school.

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