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"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
Anne Frank

<marquee behavior=“scroll” direction=“right”><center><font size=“4”>Hello, and welcome! Nice to meet you! Here's a little bit about myself...<3</center></marquee>

<details><summary>My Name</summary>

Full name ↠ Dania Arleigh Conrad
Nicknames ↠ Danny, Dan, Arleigh
(I'm more used to the name Danny than I am to Dania, so I go by that name! <3)

<details><summary>Personal Info</summary>
Birthday ↠ 10th April
Zodiac ↠ Aries
Languages ↠ English, French(learning)
Sexuality ↠ Straight (she/her)

<details><summary>Magical Info</summary>
House ↠ Gryffindor
Blood Status ↠ Half blood
Wand ↠ Sycamore wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13" and unbending flexibility
Patronus ↠ An Orca
Boggart ↠ Dementors

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<details><summary>Good Traits</summary>
☪︎Respectful (but respect goes both ways)
☪︎Good listener
☪︎Reliable approachable
☪︎Loves to make people laugh
☪︎A fun person
☪︎Always there for my friends
☪︎Sweet and kind
☪︎Quick learner
☪︎Daring and adventurous

<details><summary>Not So Good Traits</summary>
☪︎Procrastinates quite a lot
☪︎Can be really lazy and unmotivated
☪︎A bit of a perfectionist
☪︎Good liar
☪︎"Slight" anger issues
☪︎Antisocial at times
☪︎Struggles to focus sometimes
☪︎Daydreams too much
☪︎Spends more time in my head than in reality

☪︎Animals and magical creatures
☪︎Roller coasters
☪︎Hanging out with friends
☪︎Snowy winter days
☪︎My bed <3
☪︎Hot chocolate
☪︎Cozy cafes and cottages
☪︎Comfy nights in my room
☪︎Playing games
☪︎Music and movies
☪︎Staying up until midnight

☪︎Overconfident people
☪︎Being in the middle of drama
☪︎Waking up early
☪︎False hope
☪︎Being cancelled on
☪︎Toxic or fake friends

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<details><summary>Physical Appearance</summary>
Hair ↠ Black, mid length, wavy, sometimes in a bun or ponytail with bangs
Eye color ↠ Dark brown
Height ↠ 5'8
Body ↠ Cereal box, but fit enough
Other features ↠ Long lashes, soft dimples, slight acne, dark circles


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<details><summary>[Now playing: "Out Of My League" - Fitz and The Tantrums]</summary>
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<marquee behavior="alternate">I follow everyone back! <3</marquee>

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