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I was sorted in Slytherin house, why you may ask. Well it actually surprised me because I come from a long line of Ravenclaws but then again I am kind of the black sheep of the family. The sorting hat didn't even hesitate for a second when putting me into Slytherin, I must admit at first I was quite upset about not following my families legacies but with my different values and opinions I definitely fit into Slytherin more then anywhere else and they have now become my family. I must say I am not quite sure what classes I like the most. I am a very smart student and certainly have a gift for magic but I lose concentration easily and get distracted easily and that is usually my downfall. Muggle Studies and History of Magic are for sure my least favourite subjects this school has to offer. I come from a long line of pureblood witches and wizards from Australia. My greatest strength is doing anything is to be able to cut out toxic people in my life quite easily. My greatest weakness is jealousy. I honestly have no idea what I want to do after I finish school, just see where life takes me I guess. I would love to use magic to help myself and those I care about. I want to be good at what I do more then anything else. I have a pet cat, her name is Luna and she strangely thinks she is a dog. My family are nothing like me, individual souls that thrive off accomplishing their own endeavours. I am nothing like them and have always been the outcast since I the moment I could talk.
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